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We Protect Children From Bullying, Why Not From Abortion?

In recent years, greater attention has been given to the plight of young people facing bullying in schools. Far too often LGBT youth particularly are targets of bullying and tragically in some cases it has led LGBT youth to end their own lives. With the advent of new public awareness campaigns and new anti-bullying laws, it’s clear our society cares about protecting children’s lives. Yet every year over one million unborn children lose their lives to abortion. Those children receive little to no protection under the law. In some cases, their deaths are even funded with tax dollars. Abortion-on-demand is not consistent with a society that truly cares about children’s lives.

All Lives Are Precious

Some may disagree with drawing a parallel between bullying and abortion. But aren’t victims of bullying made to feel inferior or even dehumanized? Support for abortion entails denying the humanity of a child in the womb. Disrespect for the lives of others is rooted in a failure to recognize the inherent worth of each human life. The only real difference between a child inside the womb and a child outside the womb is geography. The pro-life advocate acknowledges both deserve to be protected from harm.

Victims of bullying often feel unloved or unwanted. As we seek to assure our youth that they are valuable, we can’t at the same time support the ending of unborn human lives because they were “unplanned” or “unwanted.” Our message of love and support to our youth is diminished if we’d support the legal ending of their lives just years before when they were in the womb. It is also diminished when our society fails to support mothers-in-need, including young or teen mothers.

In every abortion there are two victims, an unborn child who loses his life and a mother who is often left with immeasurable pain and regret for the rest of her life. In many cases, our society’s failures are what drive women to abortion. Lack of financial resources and educational opportunities leave mothers with few options. Abortion is an indicator we are not adequately meeting the needs of women.


The anti-bullying “It Gets Better” campaign spreads the word to our youth that life does get better and that their lives do matter. But is our society sending that same message to young mothers facing difficult circumstances? Society sends completely the opposite message when it suggests to a pregnant mother that the only way for her to get ahead is to have an abortion.

We’ve made tremendous strides toward eliminating bullying against our young people. After nearly 40 years of legal abortion in this country, it’s time to extend our concern for protecting youth to the very youngest members of society, the unborn. If we can take on the widespread bullying epidemic in this country, I have no doubt we can also build a society which gives greater respect to mothers and their unborn children.