Equality Not Possible Without Right to Life

Gay Americans are often led to believe holding a pro-life position is inconsistent with support for gay rights. Abortion is marketed as a crucial agenda item in the push for sexual liberation and equality. However, this line of thinking misses the mark. Advancing human rights cannot simultaneously require the denial of the most fundamental human right, namely the right to life.

The gay community has a particular sensitivity to inequities in our society. Even decades after the Stonewall Riots, the gay community continues to strive for equality in the workplace, in adoption policy and, of course, in marriage law. Far too often, these heartfelt concerns for equality are lost on our society’s most vulnerable, the unborn. As it stands today in the United States, unborn children are not guaranteed their very right to live. For instance, currently in our nation’s capital abortion is legal right up to the moment of birth for virtually any reason.

Recently, the issue of sex selection abortion has garnered national attention. Once thought by many to be a horrific practice only found in nations like China or India, the abortion of unborn babies based exclusively on their gender has been exposed in the United States. Recently, the US House of Representatives failed to gather enough votes to pass a ban on this extreme form of discrimination.

Gay Americans should not ignore the implications of sex selection abortions. If science were to discover a “gay gene,” it is not farfetched to conclude that unborn children found to have the gene would be targets for abortion. Unborn children found to have an extra chromosome (namely, Down Syndrome babies) are aborted at a rate of over 90%. Abortion has been used to eliminate children whose characteristics do not comport with the preferences of their parents. If the child’s sex can be a reason for abortion, the child’s sexual orientation could certainly be one as well.

If our government is willing to neglect the dignity of human life in its earliest stages, how can we expect it to truly respect the dignity of our marriages and our families? If our government is not willing to protect unborn children and their mothers from the violence of abortion, how can we expect it to protect the gay community from hate crimes or other offenses? Protection under the law must extend from life’s very beginning to life’s natural end. Any breach in legal protection along that spectrum amounts to a violation of human rights.

Unfortunately, many LGBT organizations do not acknowledge the right to life as a fundamental right upon which all others are based. In fact, many espouse abortion as an essential element of the LGBT agenda.

Joe Solmonese, recent president of HRC, was formerly the CEO of EMILY’s List, an organization committed to electing pro-abortion female Democrats. Allison Herwitt, HRC’s legislative director, once worked for NARAL Pro-Choice America. The organization even joined forces with pro-abortion groups to oppose the pro-life Stupak-Pitts Amendment to the Obama healthcare law, which would have prevented federal funding for abortion.

Pro-abortion gay activists scoff at the very notion that gays could hold pro-life positions. Some even seek to actively silence pro-life gay voices. Victory Fund, which seeks to elect openly gay candidates to office, requires holding a pro-abortion position as a condition for endorsement.  Support for abortion is evidently more important to the group than electing as many openly gay candidates as possible.

The gay community’s long history of fighting for equality in our society will be diminished if its members are simultaneously working against the human rights for children in the womb. When granted the right to live, these children will have a chance to share their gifts and talents with the world. Some of them will be adopted into loving gay families. Some of them will be gay themselves, enriching a thriving LGBT community and carrying on the torch in the struggle for full equality. They deserve that chance.


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